a guide to habit mastery and controlling your destiny

Your habits will decide your destiny. They will decide whether you end up achieving your goals and living the life you desire or if you fall short.
The reason habits are so important is that they operate in our lives as an autopilot operates in an airplane. They are what keep us on the right path or lead us astray when we are busy doing other things.
Almost all of us have bad habits we would like to discard and positive habits we would like to adopt but very few people are able to master their habits.
The reason people fail to take control of their habits is that they approach the task in an unstructured and impractical way. Read the following paragraphs with close attention because they hold the key to mastering your habits and your life.
Being unable to control your habits, being a victim to your desires does not make you a bad or less valuable person. It simply means that you lack the specific strategies that would enable you to master your habits.
It’s very important that you realize that not being able to discard bad habits is no more a value judgment on your worth as a person as you inability to play a piano sonata.
Training, attention and focused practice are required to gain any new non-trivial skill, and habit mastery is no different. So throw off any notions you have about weakness or lack of self discipline and focus on learning and practicing the required skills.
Involve other people in your quest to stop smoking, lose, weight, become fit, grow your business or whatever you goal happens to be. Involving other people will make you more accountable and provide you with needed encouragement.